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Flap Barrier

Fully automatic flap barrier driven by a 24V brushless DC motor

Full Height Turnstile

Single lane 4 rod Full Height Turnstile which is driven by DC brushless motor, one can easily pass with very small passing resistance. It has several operating modes such as bi-direction, single-direction, always free, and always locked. It comes with an LED directions indicator and an automatic function of opening or closing when powered off. The turnstile has an Anti-hit function, when the turnstile touches the passing people, it will stop immediately and will automatically start again.

myburo AI Face 6.0

  • Support single-face /multi-face at most 5 users)
  • 500000 Record Capacity
  • 5 Inch HD Touch Screen
  • 2MP Dual Lens Camera
  • LINUX 3.10, 1.26 GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Recognition Speed: 0.25 second2e2
  • Recognition Distance : 0.5 - 2.5 meters
  • Communication : TCP / IP, USB Wi-fi

myBuro Cloud Based Payroll Solution

Effortless and cost-effective Payroll management solution

P Type Barrier

Double gear transmission, with large torque, more stable operation, and more accurate return. Current anti-pinch and rebound in case of

Parking Barrier

DC Brushless Servo motorized barrier gates

Tripod Turnstile Entry Gate

The semi-automatic tripod turnstile is driven by DC brushless motor,

VT-4M6DWL-RBSW-MB-PMI – 4MP Color Night Vision

VT-4M4DWL-SBRW-PB-PEI (ONVIF)  4 MP Outdoor IP Bullet Camera

VT-4M6DWL-RBSWH-PD-PMI – 4MP Color Night Vision

4 MP IP Indoor Camera with 25 - 30 Mtr IR Distance with Color Night Vision

VT-5M4DWL-RBSWH-PB-PMI – 5MP Color Night Vision

VT-5M4DWL-RBSWH-PB-PMI Color Night Vision 5 MP Outdoor IP Dome Camera with Face Detection

VT-5M6DWL-RBSW-MB-PMI 5MP Bullet Color Night Vision

VT-5M6DWL-RBSW-MB-PMI 5 MP Outdoor IP Bullet Camera with Face Detection