Time Attendance Systems

ZKTeco K 40
ZKTeco K40 is best attendance & Access Control system with 1000 fingerprint capacity and 80000 transaction storgare, TCP/IP and USB Data Download
ZKTeco K12
ZKTeco K 12 is best entry level Attendance system with 500 Fingerprint capacity and 100000 transactions storage , TCP/IP and USB Data Download
ZKTeco A11-C
ZkTeco A11-C is Fingerprint + RFID Card Reader + Password with 3000 fingerprint capacity and 100000 transaction, PUSH Data, TCP/IP and USB Data download
ZKTeco MB-300
Face detection time attendance system, 400 Face + 1500 Fingerprint + Card Reader Centralised Attendance Management System ( Push Data ).
ZKTeco SilkBio100-TC
Face detection time attendance system, 1500 Face + Fingerprint + Card Reader + Battery + Silk Sensor, Centralised Attendance ( Push Data ).
Face Detection
ZKTeco I-Face 402 Face detection based time attendance system with 1200 / 3000 Face capacity, Centralised Attendance ( Push Data ).
ZKTeco IN02-A
IN02-A Bioemtric Time Attendance with access control and GPRS ( Optional Module ) is suitable for Centralised Time Attendance Management .