Entrance Solutions

Iface 400 Series
Swing Barrier (New)
SBT1000S Series single lane swing barrier turnstile is an elegant cost-effective entrance control system designed for wide lane.
Biometric Flap Barrier
FB1000/1200 Series - Anti-Pinch Function: Auto-suspension of door closure when human is detected. Auto warning and alarming if unauthorized entry
Tripod Turnstiles
Stainless steel compact version cost effective,offer high operating reliability in a small casework, ideal for sites where space is an issue
Parking Barrier
ZK Boom Barrier is a product with Compact design, Rolling pressure spring technology, Compact design, remote control, access control, long-distance reader.
Metal Detector
Centralised realtime time attendance software for Multi Locations with Employee Self Service Portal, Approval Ssytem, Attendance intelligence for Management
Walkthrough Metal Detector
Eighteen mutual over-lapping detecting zones, Simultaneous alarm from multi- zones, Each zone has 256 sensitivity level, Infrared remote control, 5.7 inch LCD screen.